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Its time to reawaken your innate transformation path

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Do you find it difficult to integrate your inner path

with your professional activities?

We have carefully curated tools, practices and experiences

to aid this inner and profesional in-depth integration.

You will learn to:

  • Make the healer the catalyst of the leader.

  • Master the flow of uncertainty and possibility.

  • Find your voice and speak your truth loud and clear.

  • Become the inspiration you seek.

  • Impact by empowering new leaders and leaderships.

Your sovereignty
IS YOUR leadership.

Life happens now.

Fear holds us back from living.

Comfort leads to mediocrity.

Change requires courage and discipline.

The healer fuels change by letting go of fear,

the leader consolidates transformation by living now. 


José Antonio Casas-Alatriste P.

Therapist, business architect, NGO leader.  He has walked side by side with hundreds of business people in their transformative life integration.  Graduated as an economist from ITAM and trained in various transpersonal psychotherapy techniques including CI with Gabor Mate.  Co-founder of Reborn and Betranspersonal.

Paola Ambrosi​ Ná Áak


Medicine woman and mystic.  She has devoted her life to walk with people in their transformation to a sovereign lifestyle, integrating heart, mind and body in congruence with spirit.  Graduated as a transpersonal psychotherapist including training with Stan Grof, trained in indigenous wisdom from diverse cultures, tibetan buddhism and kriya yoga.

Co-founder of Betranspersonal.

Paola and José have acquired their expertise and wisdom from walking this integrative path themselves.

All they share with us they have experienced in their individual life process.

For 30 years they have been seekers, students and teachers but most important they have been curious and passionate about life, living and love.

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 Samay Tenancingo, Mexico.

Thursday May 25th  12:00 pm

 Sunday May  28th 4:00 pm

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Full board and accommodation.

Retreat materials.

(It will be in Spanish)

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how do i register?

Exclusive for high impact leaders.

Register by filling out the application form.

Applications will be reviewed and you will receive the response by email in 3 working days at the latest.

Any doubts whatsapp + 52  55  2558  2741

The Leader, The Healer
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